On the Kabbalah and It's Symbolism

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On the Kabbalah and It's Symbolism


Gershom Scholem guides the reader through central themes in the intricate history of the Kabbalah. He clarifies the relations between mysticism and established religious authority; the mystics' interpretation of the Torah and their attempts to discover the hidden meaning underlying Scripture; the tension between the philosophical and the mystical concept of God; and the symbolism employed in mystical religion. He conveys his immense erudition with a lucidity that has earned him the admiration of the scholarly world and the appreciation of lay readers. --


Gershom G. Scholem


New York : Schocken Books


Translated by Ralph Manheim

Table Of Contents

Religious authority and mysticism -- The meaning of the Torah in Jewish mysticism -- Kabbalah and myth -- Tradition and new creation in the ritual of the Kabbalists -- The idea of the golem.

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