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"Incorporating the latest archaeological information from Iran, the author paints an incisive portrait of Persia's role in Old Testament history. He analyzes the peoples who constituted the old Persian confederation as well as the important cities…

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An introduction to sacred writings that did not become part of the canon of the Old and New Testaments. The book contains a wide selection of these "lost" works - from words considered to be those of prophets, kings and patriarchs to legends and…

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The King James and New International versions, and the Nestle Greek text with a literal English translation by A. Marshall, on opposite pages.

Two non-contiguous sheets detached from a French Book of Hours. Leaf [1] recto contains the second half of the "Protector in te sperantium" followed by the text of Luke I: 26-32a, mistakenly introduced with attribution to Mark, ending on verso side…
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