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Publisher Fact Sheet In Jesus and the Lost Goddess, Timothy Freke and Peter Gandy take their ideas about the pagan origins of Christianity in a startling new direction. Did the original Christians revere a goddess with the same fervor they bestowed…

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"This book is the first comprehensive assembly and discussion of the entire extant evidence concerning the worship of this goddess, called Matar Kubileya in Phrygia, Kybele in ancient Greece, and Magna Mater (the Great Mother) in Rome. Lynn E. Roller…

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Over 2,600 entries identify the women of classical mythology.
Offers information on women from mythology, including heroines, murderesses, lovers, female animals and monsters, hermaphrodites, and transsexuals.

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An ethnographic and archaeological exploration of ancient traditions and folklore pertaining to "dancing goddesses" traces their roots in early Roman, Greek, and European cultures to reveal the origins of modern customs.
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