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This Torah fragment contains 8 columns of text written on 22-inch white Klaf. The text covers the pact between Jacob and Laban and his subsequent reencounter with his brother Esau. Other significant parts of the narrative include the sale of Joseph…

MS1044 is written in a beautiful Italian hand. It consists of two partial sheets of parchment containing a total of 5 columns of text. The text is formatted to contain 42 lines per column. The manuscript’s layout follows the more modern tradition of…

MS 1037 originates from the same Torah scroll as MS 1036. The manuscript consists of three columns of text from Deuteronomy 14:4 to 15:7. Its narrative details parts of Moses's exhortation to the Jewish people in the fortieth year in the desert to…

MS1036 originates from the same Torah scroll as MS1037. The manuscript
consists of two columns of text from Deuteronomy 28:41 to 30:20.
The scroll details parts of Moses's final discourse to the Jewish people prior to entering the Promised Land.…
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