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Ch. 1. Meta-View -- Ch. 2. Image-ination in Mathematics and Religion -- Ch. 3. Holy Mathematics -- Ch. 4. God the Definite Integral and Cantorian Religion -- Appendix A. Understandings of Sign, Symbol, Metaphor, and Model in Religion and Mathematics:…

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Illustrated with photos, diagrams and digital imagery, this chronicle searches for the meaning of numbers and explores puzzling aspects of the mathematical world, and the people who made it.

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"In Number and Time, Marie-Louise von Franz explores Jung's hypothesis. Her discussions of the theory of number draw on a wealth of material from eastern philosophy, ethnology, archaeology, and mythology, as well as natural sciences and mathematics.…

MS1053 comes from Persia. Written on a rich golden brown gevil, its age is calculated to be approximately 280 years. The fragment consists of four columns of text extracted from a larger Torah Scroll. The narrative contains part of the Book of…

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Chronicles the history of counting and calculating from the time of cave dwellers to the late twentieth century, examining how different cultures used numbers to solve basic problems related to their everyday needs.

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Why is the number seven lucky--even holy--in almost every culture? Why do we speak of the four corners of the earth? Why do cats have nine lives (except in Iran, where they have seven)? From literature to folklore to private superstitions, numbers…
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