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Geometric patterns are perhaps the most recognizable visual expressions of Islamic art and architecture. Now, with the aid of this book, anyone can learn how to master this ancient art and create intricate patterns or re-create classic examples.

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Ch. 1. Meta-View -- Ch. 2. Image-ination in Mathematics and Religion -- Ch. 3. Holy Mathematics -- Ch. 4. God the Definite Integral and Cantorian Religion -- Appendix A. Understandings of Sign, Symbol, Metaphor, and Model in Religion and Mathematics:…

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Studies abstract patterns and concepts of design used in Islamic art and architecture, employing analytical diagrams to detail the conception, design, and construction of patterns through a geometric system.

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"The purpose of the present work is to evoke as authentically as possible the spiritual climate in which the Gothic cathedral was born, and to do so by allowing contemporary witnesses to speak for show how the Gothic cathedral was the…

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"One of the delights of life is the discovery and rediscovery of patterns of order and beauty in nature--designs revealed by slicing through a head of cabbage or an orange, the forms of shells and butterfly wings. These images are awesome not just…
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