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"This book advances an understanding of Plotinus' views on the natural cosmos and their relevance to natural philosophy and the development of science. The contributors confront issues concerning the presence of scientific principles and conceptions…

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The point of view put forth in the following pages differs greatly from the common perspective according to which the treatises 30 to 33 constitute a single work, a Großschrift , and this single work, Plotinus’ essential response to the Gnostics. Our…

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As the most important philosophical work to emerge in the 700-year period between Aristotle and Augustine, The Enneads has been subject to intense scrutiny for more than 2000 years. But the mystical and abstract nature of these treatises by Plotinus…

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"The author offers a study on the scientific knowledge of sensible reality in the Enneads. In so doing, she presents a radical new perspective on the philosophy of Plotinus and engages in an intense, detailed, and critical re-reading of Plotinus and…

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"a new definitive edition with comparisons to other translations on hundreds of key passages"
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