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MS1039 was removed from a larger Torah scroll. The section was very likely removed to repair the hole on the letter HEI on the word HaKena'ani. The above visible printed crowns are not original to the scroll. Torah law forbids the application of any…

MS1026 consists of one column of text which was removed from a larger Torah scroll. It is written in a "Ketav Arizal" and follows a format of 52 lines per column. Although this column of text begins with a letter “VAV,” we are not able to ascertain…

MS1026 contains Bible text from the end of the Book of Genesis to Exodus 14:28. The scroll is written on Klaf that is not "Mashuach" (ointed) using gall based ink that has presently decayed to a reddish brown color. Altogether, there are 10 columns…
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